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How are am I feeding myself?  is this a question you ask yourself.  Now know this, I am not talking about physical food.  No the question at heart here is how are you feeding yourself spiritually.  We live in a world consistantly feeding us things that seem good but is killing us spiritually.  Are we digging into the word, are we spending time in prayer, are we taking time in our busy lives to invest into ourselves spiritually.  Sunday morning service, and bible study is available to help us grow but look into here for weekly scriptures, quotes, music, and links to sermons to help us feed ourselves on a daily basis.  


Verses of the day: Matthew 14:29- "Come," he said. Then Peter got down out of the boat, walked on the water and came toward Jesus.

Song of the day: Great I am- Phillips Craig and Dean

Thought of the day: What an incredibly bold thing to do.  Peter, while facing an impossible task, chooses to the impossible choice.  He gets out of a safe comfortable boat and he walks on water.  God is calling us all the time to do what seems to be impossible things.  He is continually challenging us to get out of comfort zones and do something bold for God.  May you be challenged to be obedient to God.  Allow him to stretch you.  Peter may have ended up sinking but the direct result of his obedience was walking on water before he strarted to sink.  It may not be easy to do what God is calling, but it is possible.